Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frenzied Regen

Okay, so I have been tanking heroics for a week or so now and they are pretty tough. I don't mind this though, but I realized last night, that when my healer goes down and I pop Frenzied Regeneration, it wasn't working. A wonderful friend of mine pointed out that I was glyphed, so it isn't going to convert rage to health but instead increases healing done. Okay, fine. But why when my health was at 8% didn't it at least put me up to 30% like it is supposed to? It didn't increase my health again when I was at 11%.

So, basically, having it glyphed is pointless. It isn't raising my health, and it isn't giving me health back like I thought it was. I am removing the glyph when I get home but I want to give you some numbers a friend of mine came up with while we were discussing this. I'm quoting from an email chain a group of us were having.

If numbers would make you feel better about the whole thing though, then here's my best guess at it:

(a) Glyphed

in 3 minutes, for 20 seconds your healers get 30% more effective heals. If used optimally, let's say healers can do 10k hps. This will give 60k bonus heals over the 20 seconds. 30% to maximum health doesn't change this number, but healer output will.

(b) Non-Glyphed

if used once when your health drops to 10%, the average bear has about 140k health, so that's at 14k health.

- first, health increases to 182k maximum
- second bear gains 40k health immediately (to bring them to 54k health or 30% of their maximum)
- over the next 20 seconds the bear will gain up to 60% of their maximum health, or about 109k health.

So, non-glyphed, you're looking at about 149k health if used at about 10% health in an emergency, or only 109 k health if used any other time.

Glyphed, in order to do more than that, healers would need to be able to put out about 24.3k hps.

So, maybe you're right, maybe a healer can do that in optimal situations, but non glyphed is 109-149 k health that doesn't use any of a healer's mana, vs a healer needing to put out 24.3k hps in order to keep up with it.

So looking at the numbers there, I have no idea why on earth I would ever want to glyph it!

Just something to consider out there for your furry backsides! If we take away our only way to regen health on our own, in the case of a boss being almost dead and your healer dying... You will do. And just for grins, here is a conversation from last night during a guild heroic.

Wife has just died.
I click frenzied regen.
Me: "My frenzied regen is not WORKING?!?!?!"
Wife: "WHAT???"
Me: "I am clicking it and it's doing NOTHING!!!"
Wife: "Then you are f*cked babe, cause I can't help you"
Me: "Oh it's ok now. I'm dead."


Gurggy said...

Amen, whoever did that was like a swami, or some other amazingly insightful wise man.

Gurggy said...

On a more serious note, I did take some time to post on the forums about this, and some druids are reporting that the initial 30% health increase "sometimes" works for them even glyphed, but I'm thinking "sometimes" isn't good enough.

Face it, even if we assume that initial 30% health buffer is going to work either way, a healer would still have to put out 10% of a bear's maximum health (after the 30% increase) in hps for the full 20 seconds to be able to keep up with the regeneration. I have a hard time thinking of a situation where a healer would willingly put out 20k hps and the mana cost is pretty high.

I guess I think of it this way: tank cooldowns should fall into one of two categories: (burst threat/dps) should help the tank and the dps, and (burst mitigation/healing) should help the tank and the healer. The biggest help a healer needs right now is the ability to conserve mana during crucial moments, so in my mind, that's what makes shield wall, barkskin, regeneration, etc. so effective. It takes some of the weight off the healer for a little while.

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